MSc Program Gemology

The curriculum was developed in accordance with advanced courses and programs at leading universities and institutes in the world (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, etc.). It is intended for students who have acquired the qualification BSc degree of different specialties at Sofia University and in other universities. The masters program in Gemology trains specialists for gemstones testing and assessment of precious stones and ornamental materials, thatccould be implemented as experts and estimators in the fiscal, customs and judicial systems, as well as in the sphere of prospecting and exploration of gemstones and ornamental materials deposits.

The masters program provides specialized training to students in the field of minerals, natural and synthetic materials, which are used as gemstones, semi-precious and decorative materials and aims to create a practical skills for their testing and assessment.
Main objective is integration into the curriculum of exercises through which to acquire sustainable skills and knowledge. The training lasts for 3 semesters, including in the curriculum subjects from both the BSc programme of geology and specific for the gemology. The disciplines are divided into 2 blocks – compulsory and elective. The block of mandatory disciplines includes nine courses that carry 43 credits. The remaining loans are provided by the eligible disciplines. Completion of training with the defending of the diploma thesis is awarded by 15 credits. Successful graduate students can continue their education in a variety of PhD programs.

The students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills include: knowledge of geological processes, minerals and rocks. The history of gemstones and gem materials, their physical properties, structure, morphology, chemical composition and specific methods for their synthesis. Diagnostics, testing, treatment, evaluation, as well as their more important fields and methods for prospecting and evaluation. Specific methods for the gemstones identification and assessment. Practical skills for working with the gemological microscope, refraktometer, spectroscope, polariscope, gemological scale, etc. Technology of gemstones cutting and gemstones markets.

MSc Gemology graduates could be realized as experts and estimators in the fiscal,
customs and judicial systems, in the system of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as in private companies and trade organizations.