MSc Program Geochemistry (for non-professionals)

The master program in Geochemistry for non-professionals is addressed to all students with bachelor degree from all Bulgarian and foreigner universities.

The five semester program in Geochemistry for non-professionals terminates with master thesis. The education comprises at least 4065 academic hours (class work and extramural work), three field trips and thesis. During the 5 semesters the class work and the extramural work provide 140.5 ECTS, the field trips – 4 ECTS and the master thesis provides 15 ECTS.
The examinations is three weeks, the supplementary examinations after the 5 th semester is just after the regularly one. The first two semesters comprise only compulsory courses from the bachelor program in Geology and one field trip.
The program after the second semester is completely unrestricted and allows each student to choose and to plan by himself the courses according the interests.

The graduates in Master Program in Geochemistry for non-professionals obtain a wide geological education as well as detailed knowledge in field of mineralogy, magmatic and metamorphic petrology, sedimentology, geochemistry, economic geology, ecology and environment. The graduates have modern theoretical training as well as practical ability to use modern methods and analytical equipment for solution of specific geological problems.

With the professional qualification the graduates in Geochemistry can find professional realization:

  • by the regional exploration and field works
  • for prospecting for economic raw materials
  • regional and detail petrological, mineralogical and geochemical studies
  • laboratories for study of rocks, ores and minerals
  • scientific research centers

The masters in Geochemistry can take part in preparation and realization of national and international projects in field of geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology. They can work in ecological and environmental teams.