Field trip: General geology and Mineralogy

The aim of the field trip in General geology and Mineralogy is to show to the students the rocks and minerals in their natural’s environments for better understanding the connection between the geological setting and the mineral-forming processes and the genesis of the minerals. Besides exogenic processes affected the rocks and minerals on the surface will be observed.

To achieve this aim the trip comprises various types of deposits, occurrences and outcrops with typical minerals. At each stop point the lecturers give to the student the main data about the host rocks and geological processes, after that the students have time to observe the rocks and to collect minerals and as a final the students describe the minerals with the assistance of the lecturers.

At the end of the field trip and after the visit of various types of deposit the students will recognize around 50-60 minerals. They will be familiar with their parageneses, specific morphological features and physical properties. Each student makes a private mineral collection.

The field trip completes with student’s reports. The students systematize the minerals according the host rocks and make a mineral description. The field trip ends with note.

ECTS credits – 2

Photos from the field trip