Geochemistry Library

The collection of library materials in the field of geochemistry started as early as 1899 by a subscription to the first major scientific journals in the field, still being subscribed by the library.

The library holdings were set apart in 1909 with the division of the Institute of Geology and Petrography into two independent units – Institute of Mineralogy; Petrography and Geological Institute. A valuable library collection contains over 400 imprints, donated by distinguished Bulgarian and foreign scientists. These holdings include the personal libraries of Prof. Boris Kolykovski, Prof. Georgi Atanasov, Prof. Tsonyu Dimitrov and other scientists and researchers.

Today the library stores and maintains a highly specialized collection in the field of crystallography, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and geology. It consists of 17,230 volumes of books, periodicals, imprints, maps and cartographic publications, slides of minerals.

The library has 7 reading places.

Room 77

Tel.: +359 29308405

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 am –12.00 pm / 01.00 pm -05.30 pm
(Note: Wednesday 08.30 am -10.30 am / 01.00 pm -05.30 pm)